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    • SulAmérica’s Annual Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), world’s reference for the preparation of sustainability reports, since 2008. Since 2016 Report, the Company uses the GRI Standard version.
    • All relevant indicators to SulAmérica are in the Enviromental, Social and Governance (ESG) Indicators document. Click here to access the document.
    • An internal methodology of indicators has been developed, named SULA indicators, which are aligned with the material themes of SulAmérica and it is the result of the search for integration and transparency of the communication process with our customers, shareholders, employees and society.
    • KPMG Independent Auditors assured the data and information presented in this report and in the inventory of gas emissions inventory report. Access the Assurance Report on GRI Indicators for 2020 or the Assurance Report on Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emission for 2020. Since 2011, SulAmérica has external verification on its annual reports.

    Last update: April 7, 2021