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    IR Contact

    IR Contact

    Sul América S.A.

    Rua Beatriz Larragoiti Lucas 121 – South Wing
    Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
    Zip Code: 20211-903

    Investor Relations Team

    Arthur Oliveira
    Beatriz Baitello
    Danielle Ribeiro
    Fernanda Lemos

    Any questions related to sustainability must be directed to

    Any questions related to media must be directed to SulAmérica’s Media Relations.

    Any questions not related to investor relations, sustainability or media must be directed to SulAmérica’s Contacts.

    SulAmérica S.A. shareholder services are provided at any Banco Itaú S.A. bank branch, or through the available channels bellow:

    Shareholders department
    (Business days, 9 am to 6 pm)

    • +55 11 3003 9285 – Capital cities and metropolitan areas
    • 0800 720 9285 – Other locations
    • The statement of incomes can be accessed through the Digital Correspondence Platform
    • For account holders of Itaú, it is also possible to consult your infrormation by accessing your current account at the bank’s website or app through the Checking Account and Investments menu

    Emails sent to SulAmérica through “IR Contact” will be responded to within (1) business day.


    Last update: February 2, 2023