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    Risk Management

    Risk Management

    A solid risk management strategy is essential for an insurance company. The mapping of risk intrinsically linked to the operations and activities of the Company ensures decisive reserve management and the prevention of adverse impacts on business objectives. Over the past few years, the Company has improved its risk management in order to drive good operational performance.

    Corporate risk management at SulAmérica is based on best practices established by COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission) and Solvency II.

    The Board oversees the risk management for the organization, approving the risk threshold recommended by the Risk Committee (CoR). The CoR has the responsibility to periodically review the global business strategies in order to understand and manage material risks within the defined preferences, tolerances and limits. The limits are then applied in each business unit (Business Unit – BU), which manage and support the risk management philosophy within their spheres of responsibility. The established policies and rules are supported by and passed through to the various managerial levels, in order to ensure the knowledge and usage of the defined risk limits.

    Corporate risk management covers the following risk categories: credit, market, underwriting, operational, strategic and legal & compliance.

    For more information on the risk management of the Company, see note 5 (Risk Management) of the latest version of SulAmérica’s Financial Statements, or access the latest version of the Company’s Reference Form in items 4 (Risk Factors) and 5 (Risk Management).

    Last update: January 26, 2021