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    Sustainability Governance

    Sustainability Governance

    In 2009 SulAmérica created a Sustainability Committee formed by the main executives of the company. In 2011 it became an advisory committee of the Board of Directors. Since then, it has focused on drafting a sustainability strategy, aligned with the Company strategic plan, focusing on the risks and opportunities of the organization beyond the traditional businesses frontiers. This will ensure that the leadership discussion includes socio-environmental challenges that affect the Company´s different stakeholders’ agenda.

    The Sustainability Committee is advised by the Sustainability Department, responsible to collect demands and information from the Company’s different communication channels and services, as well as for interactions with the different strategic stakeholders. The department also identifies socio-environmental risks and opportunities, in order to define the sustainability initiatives and projects to be developed, and present those which are most relevant to the Board.

    Last update: January 26, 2021