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    Corporate Profile – Mission, Vision and Values

    Corporate Profile – Mission, Vision and Values


    SulAmérica operates in people protection segments, in health and dental, life and personal accident insurance, as well as asset management and private pension.

    In 2021, the Company’s operating revenues, considering Health & Dental, Life, Private Pension and Asset Management segments, totaled R$21.0 billion. On December 31, 2021, SulAmérica Investimentos, the asset management business, had R$48.3 billion in assets under management and R$9.2 billion in private pension reserves.

    With approximately 4 thousand employees, SulAmérica conducts business through an extensive and diversified distribution network that includes more than 37,000 independent brokers, besides distribution partnerships and commercial branches that support sales & distribution.

    With more than 7 million customers (individuals and companies) and 100% of revenues generated in Brazil, SulAmérica’s administrative headquarters is located at Rua Beatriz Larragoiti Lucas, 121 in Rio de Janeiro.


    Protect and take care of people’s health and well-being. [SULA 6/GRI 102-16]


    Deliver the best for your well-being together with our partners. [SULA 6/GRI 102-16]


    • Customer satisfaction
    • Sustainability and ethics
    • Excellence and innovation
    • DNA of partnerships
    • Collaboration and agility [SULA 6/GRI 102-16]

    Last update: April 4, 2022