Investor Relations

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    • 2022

      Association Agreement with Rede D’Or

      Acquisition of Sompo Saúde

    • 2021

      8th debenture issuance of R$ 700 MM

      9th debenture issuance of R$ 1.5 bn

    • 2020

      Sale of auto and other property & casualty operations to Allianz Group

      Sale of saving bonds portfolio and the minority stake in Caixa Capitalização S.A. to Icatu

      Conclusion of the investment in Órama

      R$500 MM debenture issue

      Conclusion of the Paraná Clínicas acquisition

    • 2019

      Conclusion of the Prodent acquisition

      R$700 MM debenture issue

      Swiss Re sells its stake of 14.9% in SulAmérica to the market

    • 2018

      IFC sells its stake of 7.8% in SulAmérica to the market

    • 2017

      R$500 MM debenture issue

    • 2016

      R$500 MM debenture issue

    • 2015

      Joint Venture with Sharecare Brasil (formerly named Healthways Brasil)

      Sale of Large Risks portfolio and Agreement with Axa Corporate Solutions Brasil

      Sale and partial transfer of Mortgage Insurance Portfolio of Market Policies to PAN Seguros S.A.

    • 2014

      R$500 MM debenture issue

      ING sells remaining 10.0% stake in a block trade to the market

    • 2013

      Corporate reorganization of Sulasa and ING – concluded in Jan/14

      SulAmérica operates in the capitalization (premium savings bond) segment, with the conclusion of the SulaCap acquisition.

      ING sells part of its stake in SulAmérica to IFC (7.8% of total capital)

      Swiss Re buys 14.9% of the capital of SulAmérica, through negotiations with ING and the Larragoiti Family

      New brand launched in December

    • 2012

      Debenture issuance of R$500 million

    • 2010

      Termination of the joint venture with Banco do Brasil and the acquisition of Brasil Saúde

      Acquisition of Dental Plan

    • 2007

      SulAmérica issues US$200 million in Eurobonds

      In October 2007, SulAmérica raises R$775 million through its IPO. The units of the Company are traded at Level 2 Corporate Governance of the BM&FBOVESPA (currently named B3)

    • 2001

      ING acquires Aetna’s stake and in 2002, and a new partnership is established with Sulamérica’s holding company

    • 1997

      SulAmérica and Aetna International form a joint venture in the health, life and private pension segments

    • 1996

      SulAmérica starts its asset management operation

    • 1987

      SulAmérica begins to operate in the private pension segment

    • 1970

      SulAmérica enters the healthcare business, with ASO (Administrative Services Only) operations

    • 1929

      SulAmérica expands its portfolio to auto and other property and casualty insurance

    • 1895

      SulAmérica is founded as a life insurance company in Brazil

    Last update: January 23, 2023