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    General Questions about SulAmérica Shares

    What is a publicly-traded company?

    A company is publicly-traded when it has issued securities through an initial public offering (IPO) and is traded on at least one stock exchange or in the over the counter market. The operations must be authorized by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM), the Brazilian capital markets regulator, which registers and authorizes stock exchange issuances for public distribution.

    How do I invest in the stock market?

    As a starter, the Securities, Commodities, and Futures Exchange of São Paulo (B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão) has made information available on its site and also has developed basic courses about investments in the stock market in addition to providing an FAQ with many common questions and responses.

    On which exchange is SulAmérica's shares being traded and what is the ticker?

    The Company’s units (B3: SULA11) have been traded on B3’s Level 2 since October 5, 2007 and are also included in the portfolios of Differentiated Corporate Governance index – IGC and Differentiated Tag-Along index – ITAG. On January 6, 2020 the Company’s units were included in the Ibovespa, main index of B3.

    What are the rights associated with holding Units of SulAmérica?

    Each ‘Unit’ is comprised of three shares, one ordinary and two preferreds. The units are bought and/or sold on the market with the three shares together as one entity. Holders of units have the same rights, advantages, and restrictions as the Ordinary Shares and Preferred Shares which comprise the units, including participation in Annual General Meetings of the Company and the ability to exercise all powers conferred upon the shares underlying the units, to fully receive all dividends and other earnings of any nature that may be declared from the ownership date, and all other rights set forth as per Brazilian Securities Law, in the Level 2 Corporate Governance Practices and in the Bylaws of the Company.

    Which institution is SulAmérica's custodian agent and what are its respective responsibilities?

    Banco Itaú S.A. is the custodian of SulAmérica’s shares in Brazil. The Company‘s custodian agent is the institution in Brazil which registers the shares in the name of those who buy them, and guarantees their ownership of these shares.

    Custodian Bank: Banco Itaú Unibanco S/A

    Shareholders department

    • Business days, 9 am to 6 pm
    • +55 11 3003 9285 – Capital cities and metropolitan areas
    • 0800 720 9285 – Other locations
    How can I track the prices of SulAmérica's units?

    Our unit prices can be tracked on the SulAmérica Investor Relations website (with a 15 minute lag for pricing updates).

    How can I receive a statement of income for filing my personal income tax return?

    Banco Itaú acts as the transfer agent for SulAmérica’s shares.

    Individual Shareholders may obtain key information for controlling their investments, such as ownership position, statement of transactions, notice of payments, statement of incomes and subscription orders, over the Internet.

    To consult your income statement simply access the bank’s Digital Correspondence Platform (Portuguese only). If it is your first access, please register or, if necessary, update your personal data. 

    For Itaú account holders, this information will also be available at the bank’s website or app. Through the Checking Account menu you can access your Income Statement and other information on the Book-entry Shares can be consulted through Itaú.

    Where and how does SulAmérica disclose its information?

    All of the material fact statements, results announcements and additional market communications of SulAmérica are released simultaneously at the CVM/B3 and on the Company’s Investor Relations website  ( Afterwards, an email is sent to those who have registered on the Investor Relations website and wish to receive information through the Alert Email.

    The complete financial statements are published annually in the Valor Econômico newspaper and in the Diário Oficial do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Quarterly financial statements, press releases, presentations, material fact statements and notices to shareholders are available on the SulAmérica investor relations website ( Other information about the Company can also be obtained at the B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão ( and the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission ( websites.

    Where can I find SulAmérica's Investor Relations Calendar?

    Click here in the following section Investor Services > IR Calendar.

    How many shares does SulAmérica have? How do I calculate the Company's Market Cap?

    The Company has 1,277,533,810 shares.

    Since not all of the shares are grouped into units (e.g. the shareholder Sulasapar Participações has mainly ordinary shares which are not grouped in units), to calculate SulAmérica’s Market Cap, you must divide the total number of shares by three (1 unit = 3 shares) and multiply it by the market price of the unit listed on the exchange, as follows:

    Market Cap = unit price x (number of Total Shares / 3)

    How can SulAmérica's shareholders check their position?

    SulAmérica’s shareholders can check their holdings with the Company’s custodian agent, Itaú or with your securities broker.

    What is the best way to contact SulAmérica's Investor Relations area?

    You can contact the Investor Relations area through our website, in the section IR Contact.

    Any other questions not related to analysts and investors should be sent to SulAmérica’s Contact Form.

    What is the Compensation Policy for shareholders?

    Click here to see the corporate governance policies: Corporate Governance > Policies and Charters, and click on Compensation Policy.

    Last update: April 9, 2021