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    Contact the Board of Directors

    Contact the Board of Directors

    Sul América S.A.

    Rua Beatriz Larragoiti Lucas 121, 1st floor – South Wing
    Rio de Janeiro – RJ – Brazil
    Zip Code: 20211-903
    Phone: +55 21 2506-9111

    If you are a shareholder of Sul América S.A. and wish to propose to the Board of Directors any issue to be included in the agenda of the next Shareholders‘ Meeting, use the form below to send your suggestion.

    The form may also be used to send your doubts and suggestions to the Board of Directors. Note that all messages sent through this channel are received by the Corporate Governance Department and then forwarded to the Board. Business proposals, resumes, publicity material and messages containing inappropriate content will not be answered.

    Complaints about the Company’s products and services must be sent through the appropriate Customer Service Channels.

    Last update: January 27, 2021